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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  September 11, 2010 1:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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>> in tribut with words of hope presidt obama remembering the victims and heroes of 11. america and the world reflecting on the terror attacks whose shock waves are still felt today. coming up, live reports from ground zero and washington on this, the ninth anniversary of that dark day. also ahe, an about face. that florida pastor who threatened to burn korans on the anniversary promises to never burn a koran and says his mission is accomplished. what mission exactly is that? i'll say hello now. i'm alex witt and this is msnbc saturday just past 1:00 here on the east coast around 8:00 a.m. -- pardon me 11:00 a.m. out west. friends d families of those who died on september 11 have gathered at ground zero in new york city and today marks nine years since the september 11 attacks on new york, washington, and pennsylvania and in what has become an annual tradition the
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names of those who looths their lives in the attacks were read aloud at today's service in lower manhattan. >> my brother fdny battalion chief joseph palmer, we will never forget your bravery and we love you and miss you always. ousacrifice. >> nbc's michelle franzen is live at ground zero in new york. michelle, with a good afternoon to you, it is an extremely emotional day for so many people. i'd love to hear more about that ceremony at ground zero. >> reporter: it is. certainly we've watched throughout the years, alex, as family members and first responders, survivors, have come to this place, ground zero, to pay their respects, to remember exactly what happened during that time and also to honor the lives that were lost during that time and the emotions are still very raw and the p ain very evident even nine years later. >> my father, firefighter robera james crawford, safety battalion
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one,e miss y. we love you. and life has not been the same. >> missed dearly every day by your son, your wife, your mother, your brothers, your sisters, everybody. we miss you dearly. >> my son, my hero in heaven, fire lieutenant david halderman. i love you foer, david. >> you had an extremely positive effect on so many young lives as a volunteer. your niece was named after you. ruben angelica. god bless you always and, america, we can never forget. >> very personal messages to husbands, wives, fathers, and other loved ones that were lost that day. in a place that, a space that they've had to share so publicly this pain thr oughout the years alex. but there are other signs here in lower manhattan d elsewhere around the country that americans are also moving on. we've also seen people gathering
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together here not only to reflect but also share stories and signs that they're also just moving on with their lives as best they can. >> all right. michelle franzen there in lower manhattan. thank you so much. strong words from president obama at the pentagon this morning as the nation marks the ninth anniversary of the september 11 terror attacks. with victims' families in a memorial the president pledged to keep up the offensive against al qaeoda. >> they may seek to strike fear in us but they are no match for our resilience. we do not seccumb to fear nor will we squander the optimism that has always us as a people. >> nbc's mike viqueira is live at the white house for us. good afternoon you to, mike. earlier in the day as you know the president acknowledged it is a very difficult time for the untry but what was the message here? >> well, alex, first all, you know, not only is it a day of rembrances and commemoration but the president has declared this a daye of service as well.
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and to that end the president after he spoke with the pentagon went to a school, middle school here, the ron brown middle school in the rtheast quadrant of the city, and helped out for aew minutes painting a wall, help aing with renovations, and joe biden the vice president did the same or is scheduled to do the same in new york city. you're right, alex. today the president has a lot of -- a lot on his plate not only in observing 9/11 but in the context of which the 9/11 anniversary falls this year. there is the mosque controversy near ground zero. there of courselk we've been talking about that all summer. there is this recent controversy with this individual pastor in florida who has threatened to desecrate the koran and now says he is not going to do that. and president obama said this today at the pentagon as well. we champion the rights of every american, including the right to worship as one chooses as service membomers and civilians fr many faiths do just here at the very spot where the terrorists struck this building. that is a reference to the fact that there is a chapel there in
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the pentagon. president has stressed this over and over again over the course of appearances including a press conference yesterday. it was george w. bush, alex, of course, who was the president on 9/11. we played those famous pictures over and over again how he was at a school in sarasota, his chief of staff andrew card whispered in his ear with the news. he says today on september 11, 2001, americans awoke to evil on our shos. on this solemn day of remembrance laura and i hold the victims and their families in our thoughts and prayers. we recall the many acts of heroism on that day and we honor those who work tirelessly to prevent another attack. may god bless our great country and those whro defend oher i know you're going to get to this in a moment but laura bush his wife and of course the former first lady join the current first lady michelle obama at a moving ceremony in shanksville, pennsylvania also toda alex. >> indeed, we'll get right to that but we thank you for your report, nbc's mike viqueira at the white house. let's go to it, everyone.
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first lady michelle obama attended that memorial service in shanksville, pennsylvania this morning along with former first lady laura bush and that ceremony honored the passengers and crew of united airlines flight 93. that flight was enroute from newark, new jersey to san francisco when the hijackers seized control but the passengers and crew fought back valiantly and the hijackers responded by crashing the plane about 60 miles southwest of pittsburgh. >> they called the people they loved. many of them giving comfort instead of seeking it explaining they were taking action and that everything would be okay. and then they rose as one. they acted as one and together they changed uhistory's course. >> one passenger called his wife and said, i know we're all going to die. there's three us who are going to do something about it. i love you, honey. and we know that in the midst of
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their fear they were calmed by their faith. >> that service took place at a temporary memorial near the crash site. a permanent memorial is under construction and its first phase is expected to be completed for the tenth anniversary of the attacks next year. of course, the city of new york is also honoring those lost on september 11 tonight with a tribute in light. twin beams of light will shoot up from the footprints from where the world trade center buildings stood illuminating the night sky over lower manhattan. in just a few minutes wtie' bring you my conversation with new york city mayor michael bloomberg and his thoughts nine years after the 9/11 attacks. the florida pastor who once vod to burn the koran in protest is now promising he will neveburn the sacred muslim text. terry jones is in new york right now and he says he hopes to meet with the imam planning the mosque islamic cultural center in lower manhattan. >> we feel that god is telling us to stop. and we also hope that with us making this first gesture not
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burning the koran, we would hope that through that maybe that will open up a door to be able to talk to the imam abouthe ground zero mosque. >> nbc's mike taibbi is joining me from ground zero near trinity church. what is the latest on a possible meeting here? anything in the works? >> reporter: ale it is hard to imagine a circumstance now in which that meeting could take place. you just heard pastorer jones s maybe there will beti a meeting. maybe not. as long as he was saying only that he suspended the plans to have a bonfire of korans he still had leverage because anybody would want to do whatever they could to hold off that sort of event given the prospects of what it would cause in terms of consequences around the world not just around the country. then the most recent statement put out by the imam and on his behalf, he said ins am preparedo consider meeting with anyone who is seriously committed to pursuing peace.
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a lot of people, maybe most people would argue pastor jones is hardly characterized as someone committed to pursuing peace given what he planned to do and had every intention of doing. now that he said he is not going to do it not now, not ever, it is hard to imagine that meeting taking place. he is here in new york and says he hopes for a meeting. there is no indication from anybody i havespoken to that that meeting will take place, at least not now, alex. >> thanks so much. this morning a federal investigation is trying to determine what caused a gas line to erupt in northern california and fueling massive, deadly inferno. we expect to get more information on the investigation and cleanup from any moment from california senior senator barbara boxer. we'll let you know what she says about that. the site of the dister is said to look like a moon scape with acres of leveled homes and charred cars. crews confirm at least four people are dead, over 50 injured, and witnesses describe the terrifying moments after the blast. >> a huge fire and smoke
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everywhere and we just ran for our lives. >> i had trouble getting out. the car was in the driveway. i have a car in the driveway but it was burning already. >> nbc's leanne gregg is on the scene there. with a good afternoon to you, what do investigators know about what caused the explosion? any answers yet? >>w3 hi, alex. they're back at the scene today combing through the rubble and focusing of course on the broken pipe line and they still don't know a of course it could be a very long time before they do. th say it'll be at least a year, possibly longer. they want to talk to all of the people who took care of that pipe line. they want to look at the records, check the maintenance, and figure out what went wrong with this 40 to 50-year-old piece of pipe. also, we're lening more about the victims, the four who were killed. one of them was a 44-year-old woman who ironically worked for the california public utilities commission and her 13-year-old daughter. also a 20-year-old woman was killed and the fourth victim has
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not yet been identified, alex. >> how about people that have been forced out of their homes? any idea when they'll be able to return, leanne? >> well, this morning some representatives from pacific gas and electricy met with the city officials here trying to talk about a re-entry plan. they said they don't have any time frame yet. they want to make sure it's safe. they're anticipating that happening and no time frame. >> nbc's leanne gregg, thank you so much. we will bring you more on today's september 11 observances as we continsoue and also this hour iran reneges on granting freedom for one of the three americans jailed on spying charges. why the sudden change of heart? there is optimism this morning in colorado as firefighters there battle a wildfire that's destroyed 169 homes already. you're watching msnbc saturday.h crucial to your business, but now, to get it really coong, you need a little website development. some transparent reporting, so you know it's working.
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andmy beautiful mother, larisa taylor. though i was 11 years old when you passed you were my best friend and the greatest mom. you would be so proud and we all love you and we miss you. god bless y, mom. i love you. >> well, it has become a tradition every year following the 9/11 attacks. friendand family gatheri at ground zero in lower manhattan to read the names of all of those who lost their s nine years ago today. as communities across the country take time to rmember and honor those who died there is also growing controversy. tensions are rising over the location of a planned islamic culture cnter near ground zero. and the on again off again plans
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bite florida pa by that florida pastor to burn copies of the koran. joining me now is new york city mayor michael bloomberg. good morning. >> good morning. >> you were a fairly new mayor of new york city for the first anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. from yourve perspective, how ha> the day changed? >> the day has changed in the sense that we're nine years later and maybe we have learned some lessons and maybe this country really understands that our freedoms are fragile and that we have to stand up for everody's freedom and we're going to constantly have to fight for our freedoms around the world. we have our young men and women overseas fighting to protect us, not just from terrorists but from people who around the world would take away our ability to say what we want to say and practice whatever religi we pick. hopefully we have gotten somewhat wiser during the last nine years though i will say during the eight or nine years before 9/11 we hadn't learned that lesson. there was a bomb if you remember
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that was planted in the world trade center. it wt off and we learned nothing. hopefully this time we have and it's my job and your job and every american's job to remind ourselves and to teach our kids that for 200 plus years this country has been fighting to be free and we're going to probably have to continue to do that going forwarard. >> you are well aware of the amount of controversy right n ow overshadowing today's events with the plans for the islamic cultural center near ground zero and also the on again off again plans from a florida pastor to hold a koran burning event tonight. how concerned are you about the escalating tensions in your back yard? >> well, there aren't any escalating tensions here. that is ju creation of the press. the tr iuth of the matter is th guy whoants to burn koransit i don't thk hiit's wort giving him te publicity that he was and that i unfortunately, the press is cowing to. in terms of the mosque, this is plain and simple a first amendment right and when people around america realize that the government if they do it here can do it in their town tellin
1:20 pm
ey can pray to and where they can build their church or their temple or their synagogue or their mosque they're ing to say wait a second. the first amendment stood us for an awful long time and kept us going in very good shape and we ke sure continue to that everybody's got the right to pray to whom ever they want to, whenever they want to, wherever they want to. >> indeed. but in terms of expression of thought a recent "new york times" poll shows 50% of new yorkers oppose building the islamic center so close to grnd zero. just 35% support the project. sir, how do you balance the concerns of all new yorkers to include the families of the victims of september 11 attacks and your belief that the project should continue at its proposed site? >> i don't think the project necessarily should continue or not ntinue. that's up to the project people. the government shouldn't be involved. and those people that don't want it shouldn't contribute to it. those that do, maybe they should contribute to it. but this is plain and si le a first amendment right. the government shouldn't be telling people whether is good or bad, whether it's appropriate or not appropriate.
1:21 pm
it's a first amendmt right and we should have to protect that because if we don't protect the right this time, then when something that we care about comes up, nobody is going to be there to protect us. >> all right. mayor michael bloomberg i know your business today is to commemorate the 9/11 anniversary. thank you for joining us here. america in the cross hairs of terrorists. nine years after 9/11 what is combat the new threats? that's ahead on msnbc saturday. [ female announcer ] why do we offer flu shots at walgreens every day? because we're big on sharing. our pens... our snacks... everything... and one of the best ways to protect yourself and your coworkers is with a flu shot from walgreens. with the most pharmacists certified to immunize and walk-ins welcome every day, we're making it easier for everyone to get their flu shot. get yours at walgreens and take care clinics today. walgreens. there's a way to stay well.
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1:25 pm
on the tragic day stopped to pay their respects. this is just one of the many events held today to honor the lives lost in that attack. age of today's events coming up shortly. meantime one of the american hikers held as a spy in iran was supposed to get out of prison today. inead she is still behind bars. iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad gave clemency to sarah shourd but then iran's judiciary council blocked the ill has to she st stand trial. she and her two friends are being held as spies after being arrested for crossing the iranian border while hiking in iraq. shourd's attorney says he remains optimistic she could still be released soon. a double decker megabus has crashed in new york state, killing four passengers and wounding another 24. the bus was traveling directlya from allen town, pennsylvania to toronto, ontario, canada, when it hit a railroad bridge near syracuse, new york, and then flipped over on its side. the local sheriff's department says the bus was apparently too
1:26 pm
tall to make it under the low bridge. some of those injured people are apparently in critical conditio as well. crews in colorado believe they have stopped a wildfire near bouldefrom spreading. that fire has destroyemed 169 hos and torched ten square miles of canyons. 1,000 firefighters from 20 states converged to battle this fire. authorities have not determined what sparked it but they think it was human caused. many residents are still waiting for the go ahead to return to their homes. o as we continue our coverage of the 9/11 commemorations we'll take you to shanksville, pennsylvania for the first lady's emotional remarks. we'll also go to afghanistan to see hw u.s. troops are marking this somber anniversary. stay with us. you're watching msnbc saturday.
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with a visit to hallowed ground at the pentagon. the president placed a wreath at the site of the attack where a hijacked plane slammed into the pentagon killing 184 people. he said the goal of the t hijackers wa s to divide americans but he said we will never hand them that victory. >> they may seek to spark conflict between different faiths, but as americans we are not and never will be at w with islam. it was not a religion that attacked us that september day. it was al qaeda, the sorry band of men which perverts religion. >> defense secretary robert gates also spoke at this morning's ceremony and praised the entire generation of young americans who answered the call to serve following the 9/11 attacks. meantime, in shanksville, pennsylvania first ladies michelle obama and laura bush spoke at a service honoring the passengers of united flight 93 who stormed the cockpit when their plane was hijacked on september 11.
1:31 pm
chelle obama wrapped up her speech with a message to the friends and families of thosevi ctims. >> while grief has its own course for each of us, and no one can presume to know what your families have felt, i can imagine that d there are days wn the pain is still raw, when the time and distance of those nine years falls away and that loss is still fresh. but i can also imagine that as time has passed there have been more good days, more moments when you're able to find joy and comfort in happy memories. and i can imagine that on those better days maybe sometimes you worry about whether in moving on you may in some way be leaving your loved ones behind.
1:32 pm
but i can't help but think that it's actually just the opposite, that in having the courage to move forward you honor their courage. that in choosing to live your own lives as fully as you can, you're celebrating theirs. that in coming together and pushing ahead to build this permanent memorial you're ensuring that their memory will always be a part not just of your own lives but of the life of this nation and know that because you kept going, because you persevered, that long after you're gone people will come here, continue to come here to shanksville, and they will stand at this plaza and listen to the echoes of those chimes and gaze out at this field and they will
1:33 pm
see how a scar in the earth has healed, how it has grown back as a peaceful resting place for 40 of our nation's heroes. they will understand that because of all of you a site of devastation and destruction was transformed into a place of reference and remembrance. and it is truly my prayer today that in the years ahead all who come here and all of you may be filled with the hope that is written in the book of psalms. though you may have made me see troubles many and bitter, you will restore my life again. from the depths of the earth, you will again bring me . may the memories of those who
1:34 pm
gave their lives here continue to be a blessing to all of you and an inspiration to all ericans. thank you all. god bless you and god bless america. >> michelle obama also thanked laura bush for helping the y as first lady in those days following the attacks. the pair met privately with the families of united flight 93 before the service. back at ground zero in lower manhattan family and friends gathered this morning to read aloud the names of their loved ones who died in the attacks. many came with pictures and flowers to honor those who lost their lives. >> my father, jose manuel a cordona there isn't a day that goes by that we don't miss you and love you. >> and my brother, firefighter thomas joseph cafigis. tom, we all miss you. you're a great perso great father, great son and you have a
1:35 pm
beautiful grandson. >> a 9/11 memorial is scheduled to open next year at the world trade center site in time for the tenth anniversary of the attacks. u.s. troops were on patrol in southfghanistan today on this the ninth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks and new video showing troops stationed in kandahar province, part of president obama's troop surge. let's go now to nbc's tom aspell in kabul, afghanistan for us. good day to you and good evening your time. are the troops doing anything to remember september 11? >> reporter: well, combat operations are continuing particularly in the eastern south of afghanistan but, you know, alex, i did think there is a military outpost or military base here that hasn't mark the events of that terrible day in some way today. there were services all over the country at american bases and also enlistment services, soldiers reaffirming their commitment to the military and also things like marathon runs to mark the heroes who tried to
1:36 pm
rescue americans injured or killed in those events nine years ago. you know, i don't think there is a soldier here in the country, a soldier, sailor, marine, or airman who doesn't really know the events of that dale triggered the military action near afghanistan. it is part of their mission to hunt down al qaeda and those responsible for the 9/11 attacks and those who support al qaeda heand i think that has been the case here for nine longyears and will continue for as long as the mission continues in afghanistan. everyic service personnel or serviceman you talk to here in this country will constantly refer to the events of 9/11 and saying the reason we are here is so it won't happen again. alex? >> so, tom, it's a somber day there, yes? it's reflective? >> reporter: oh, absolutely. and even the afghans have been rather quiet. many people know very well the events of 9/11. many people sympathize with what happened on the events of 9/11.
1:37 pm
and many people understand that that's why the military is here now. whether they agree with the mission or not, they know the reason why american troops are here today. alex? >> all right. tom aspell there in kabul, afghanistan, thanks so much. preside ent obama will be o the road in virgin next week as he pushes his prescription for economic recovery. speaking yesterday in his first news conference since may, the president acknowledged that if the mid term vote is seen as a referendum on the economy, democrats could be in hot water. >> for all the progress we've made, we're not there yet. that means the people are that means people ared angry. and since i am the president, and democrats have controlled the house and the senate, it's understandable that pe are saying, you know, what have you done? >> let's bring in republican strategist and msnbc political analyst pat buchanan and also democratic strategist and msnbc contributor karen finney. good afternoon again to the two of you. >> good afternoon, alex.
1:38 pm
>> good afternoon. >> pat, how did the president do yesterday? do you think he scored any points? >> well, in an afternoon press conference orco midday press conference and i don't think very many people saw it and a lot of what came out of it i think was talk about again the burning of the koran an the mosque and the rest of it. i don't think it added very much. i think this is pretty much, alex, baked in the cake. the numbers are not good. the unemployment is not good. and he's not going to get any better before november and it is a huge, gigantic weight and an issue that'srought down the president in the polls and brought down the democratic party and it's hard to see what the president can do in term of rhetoric and arguments. he's tried everything. and they don't seem to be working. so i think that this is something he is just going to have to realize that he may just have to play this game out. >> you know, karen, we have the president framing the election as a choice between old policies and new policies. >> sure. >> how much time can he expect
1:39 pm
voters to give him if they are facing such a difficult time right now and have been for the better part of two years? >> well, look. i think what he did was kind of realistically lay out the picture. as democrats we understand why people are angry, particularly at the party in power. but i think the opportunity that the president has and i thought he did very well yesterday in bringing things back to the discussion about the economy and the choice that people face, and i think it's importanthat democrats actually make it clear to people that if you go with republicans again, this is what's going to happen. those are the policies that got us into trouble versus what he's proping. i do think one of the strongest opportunities he's going to have frankly to make that contrast is in the discussion about the small business tax credits that he was -- he's been talking about this past week. like he said yesterday, let's go ahead and do the things we actually agree on. i think he's putting republicans in the position of really calling their bluff. if they're truly interested in moving forward, why not do the one thing we can all agree on? >> but do you think people on
1:40 pm
the hill do agree with that? do you think these proposals will get passed, pat? or, karen? >> i was going to say, i don't think they were proposed necessarily with the goal of getting passed. if they do get passed that's a good thing for america. if they don't get passed, again, i think it makes the point even more dramatically than anything the president can say. >> here's the problem. i mean, even the democratic -- everybody in town looks upon these and there are some good ideas, the expensing of investment, the tax credits for small business. but everybody looks at this as a political stunt, let's get these out on the table, embarrass the republicans. but there are democrats up there who know that they've only got so much time. they want to get back out on the campaign. and so it has an air of desperation about it. i'm not saying these aren't good ideas and maybe they ought to be put into effect in a lame duck session or the new year but the president looks like somebody who's, alex, in the -- it's a
1:41 pm
fourth quarter and he cannot score enough and he is putting the ball all over the field and i think that's where he's at. >> but here with the fourth quarter you can have one of these hail mary passes. >> he needs three touchdowns. >> sometimes it works, pat. sometimes it works. >> he needs three touchdowns. >> if it turns around even a little bit and people start feeling an doupwards trajectory es that do it for the president in the mid terms? >> we only have one more set of unemployment figures coming in in october. i pe it's down to 8%. but nobody expects it, alex. >> you know, here's the thing. i think the president is right to manage people's expectations. it did take us a long time to get in this mess. it will take us a long time to get out of this mess. we need to be prepared for that. >> ied thin k we are prepared f it but the problem is the republicans did drive us into the ditch. we've been in there tw years spinning our wheels and we're in deeper than ever. >> we went from, when president obama came to theresidency in the 11th month of job losses we were losing about 750,000 jobs a
1:42 pm
month. now we're actually -- we've turned that around. we are creating jobs not as many as we need to and not as fast as we want to but you can't say there has been no progress made there's been millions of jobs lost under obama and 400,000 created in government. >> actually 3 million created, pat, thanks to the stimulus plan actually. just saying. >> we've got 10% unemployment. >> now we're getting into like a math session. i'm just no good with that any way you look at it. we'll kale call it a wrap. good to see you. thank you, guys. after the break we return to our remembrance of the 9/11 attacks nine years later, undoubtedly a tough day for families of those killed in the terrorist attacks but one man who lost his father hopes some lessons will inspire others to help their fellow americans. you'll meet him here on msnbc saturday in just a bit. [ female announcer ] what if your natural beauty could be flawless, too?
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some sobering information from a new study. present day terror threats are far more difficult to detect than they were in 2001 because of an increase in home grown terrorists recruited right here in the u.s. less likely to produce mass shsualties. the udy also shows that nuclear and biological afttacks are unlikely because terrorists don't have the resources to mount them. good afternoon to you. >> good afternoon. >> what do you think? at this point nine years later orould we be better off, better equipped to deal with terrorism no matter what shape, size, place it comes from? >> we are better, alex. no question about it than prior to 9/11 where we really were asleep at the switch to the al qaeda threat. we have focused on al qaeda as the bigger organization with
1:47 pm
connections overseas and what this report is saying is, hey, there are guys here domestically in the u.s. that could self-motivate and self-organize a plot but the good news, which they also mentio it's hard to organize a very devastating plot because of this. >> what was interesting about the study, it did not discriminate what we might perceive to be a typical terrorist. the profile could be from an affluent american to someone living in the suburbs to a hard working immigrant who becomes d. disenfranchised. >> that is right. they are all over the map now. they are still generally men, % 99% men, generally between 20 and 30 years old but they are saying it doesn't fit just one type of young man. they generay can come from all parts of society and are. >> there are those who suggest there needs to be some sort of an agency that is specifically devoteto dealing with this. the presence of home grown terrorists. yet you've said before that this is the fbi's job. how is the fbi doing at its job?
1:48 pm
what does it need to get it even better? >> i think the fbi has done a pretty good job since 9/11 in organizing their joint terrism task forces around the country, working with the local police departments like they do in new york city with the nypd but i think they need to motivate and mobilize the local police force a little more to go after this home grown threat because the is fbi simply isn't big enough and the local police have a better understanding of their communities and they haveis to make some decisions also. a lot of police departments have decided not to do that, feeling it's a federal responsibility. so i thk some large cities in the united states and in certain areas where some of these hot spots are have to step up a little more in years ahead here is an interesting quote from the it says american over reactions to the unsuccessful attacks may have played into terrorists' hands and helped fuel anti-american sentiments. how do you feel about that? >> i think that's legitimate but, alex, i'm not sure it's going to change. we live in a media age now where a guy down in florida talks about burning korans and he is
1:49 pm
out there. this is the way we live, the world we live in. i would say what's more important though is if there is aes successful attack, how we react. and we shouldn't over react. we shouldn't amplify the power of terrorists by giving them more victory than they have with nk that is going to be really important. eventually they will slip through and it's going to be important we not over react as this report suggests. >> i'm just going to ask in reaction to this reverend terry jones who has said now i'm done. i'm not going to burn the koran. do you think the media responsibility should be, okay. we're done with this story. let's not speak about it anymore because of what it might do, the rage and tempers it might incite. >> i hope so. i hope we've all learned a lot from this. there are already others who may be becoming copy cats and i think the press and others and public officials are going to ignore that i hopeuse eventually someone is going to burn a koran and put it on youtube. it's almost inevitable. let's try to downplay it and not the me passions around world. i think this hopefully will be a lesson for how wets manage thes
1:50 pm
events in the future. >> michael shane, as always, a pleasure. thank you. >> thank you, alex. on this somber day there is a call for all americans to renew that spirit of cooperation spirit of cooperation and compassion that we witnessed just after the 911 attacks. in just a moment we'll talk to two gentlemen who are dedicating themselves to that cause. you're watches nbc saturday. elp workers who lost their jobs to the spill. elp i'm iris cross. we'll keep restoring the jobs, tourist beaches, and businesses impacted by the spill. we've paid over $400 million in claims and set up a $20 billion independently-run claims fund. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. i'm gonna be here until we make this right. stay twice... earn a free night! two separate stays at comfort inn or any of these choice hotels
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a look now at the parade fiel in hawaii where troops gathered for a special 9/11 ceremony yesterday. d theervice nore 2 million service members who have deployed since septber 2001 along with those who died on september~11th. well, the destruction of 9/11 gave rise to many porful and positive charities whose work is inspired by thos lost on that fateful day and joining
1:54 pm
me now live is ron fazio junior, the founder of the hold the door foundation and david paige, the 9/11 national day of service and it's actually rob, we talked aboutw, this, i've got it now, here we go rob, it's been a long day, we're approaching a nume,br of hours there, but i'm glad you're smiling. thank you very much, i going to begin with you. when we talk about whato gave rise to what do, it's t good that has come from tremendous sadness having lost your father. i know that 9/11 day was a difficult one. tell me what about him inspired you to do what you're doing now for h, you know, people talked about my dad's last acts while he was here which was when he was helping people and holding a door for them and that maybe our metaphor. >> holdi a door. >> it's become a way of what it's really abt is how he lived his life every day.
1:55 pm
that's how we have decided to live our life. holding a door every day. random acts of kindness, help pele heal and grow. >> david, your friend and cofounder of this group lost his brother on 9/11. tell me about him and how he helpedo inspire and establish your r program. >> yeah, right after 9/11 i mean, the absolute bag to do of that tragedy hit me very much as it did to the core. both jay and i felt something had to be done. and jay had lost his brother, glenn, who was an attorney who worked downtown, but he was also a volunteer emt so, of course, he ran into the building to help people and his body was found si months later with a medical ki by his side. bu to honor glen but the many other heroes and those lostn that day. we established ts ea of 9/11 n becoming a national day of service and remembrance where people would nor it by doing good deeds and helping each neher. >> you came from having done thdaat today, you went down and
1:56 pm
attended the commemorative services and went to a school and the vice president stopped by. >> with all the controversies arnd 9/11 this year, the fact that the vast, vast majority of americans want that -- 9/11 to be a day of peace and remembrance. and so we were one of- we had one of hundreds of service projects around the country thid year. we had about 100 people, the vice presidt was there with dr. jill biden. he spent like a half hour with the kids anda everything. it was a great event. and we painted murals and did all sorts of great things, it was a wonderful day. >> that's wonderful. and hold the door, rob, tell me what you're doing to mark this day. >> we're doing a lot. we were down at the ceremony. there's a big transition, less tears, more tears, more people healing, i think that has to do with the memorial starting to be built and people feeling better. to mark the day we're workingo on our big eventgh october 23rd right in new york city, hold the door day. we would love to have as many people come and learn how to heal -- help themsves. >> i'm sure hold the door foundation -- what's the febz.
1:57 pm
>> hold be the >> 9/ >> they're very inspirational foundations making good out of a bad time. thanks for joining us. that's a wrap of our msnbc coverage. stay with us as news and breaking news as it happens, i'm alex witt, have yourselves a wonderfulou day, i'll look for u tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. even. and direct mail. yellowbook's got all of that. yellowbook360's got a whole spectrum of tools. tools that are goi to spark some real connections. visit and go beyond yellow. i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honk
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